Wood Burning Boilers: A cheap, carbon neutral heating source

When you think about renewable energy, what exactly enters your mind? If you’re like most people, you would probably answer either: solar power, wind power or maybe even hydroelectric. However, there’s a good chance you won’t have even clocked wood burning boilers as an option, but they are one of the easiest ways of managing [...]

Surviving the converging crises of the coming decades

Have you worked out whether you have the skills to survive the coming crises in the coming decades? In case you haven’t been watching the news,  a number of things have been bubbling up over the years which are now starting to  manifest.  All are likely to be significant influencing factors on your life. It [...]

The Dutch Greenhouse – Case Study

Super Efficient Home Saves Thousands Thanks to MEGAMAN® Well established in the commercial sector for its highly successful range of LED and CFL lamps, MEGAMAN, which leads the way in energy-saving lighting, has helped a Dutch deluxe private housing project save thousands of pounds. Over a process of two years, the Soestduinen home, in Holland, [...]

The Nature Conservancy Needs You

The news is full of stories about Congress battling over the budget but did you know that our elected officials are deciding the fate of America’s natural resources? Critical programs that, for decades, have protected our wildlife and wild places are now on the chopping block. This is simply unacceptable. You and your readers have [...]

Fred Bass – King of Energy Saving Lights

TransitonVert asked Fred Bass, Director of Neonlite International Ltd and brand owners of Megaman bulbs a few questions about their Eco-bulbs… 1. How much can a household save (in money and carbon) if they change their 6 halogen light bulbs to MEGAMAN® light bulbs? Great question, but this depends entirely on how long their lights [...]

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Tiny Homes, the Sustainable Way of Life

                  While the average size of an American house continues to rise, there are people fighting the status quo. Many citizens across the country are finding ways to live on less, in a much smaller space. Tiny homes are one way people are accomplishing this, and it’s an interesting idea worth noting in the real [...]

Responsible Tourism Awards 2011

What are the best low carbon initiatives in tourism? The last 10 years have seen an explosion of innovation in low-carbon tourism – initiatives aiming to reduce the carbon intensity of travel. But which ones are the best? The Responsible Tourism Awards 2011 are calling on the public to nominate the most innovative and inspiring [...]

Facebook Goes Green? Greenpeace complains

Corporations often times leave us all thinking that they are the titans that will rule our world if we are not careful. In the case of Facebook, it has not been much of a target except for fears about its use of subscriber data. In a recent move the company announced that, inspired by the [...]

Trewin Restorick – Global Action Plan

   Since 1993, Global Action Plan has contributed to greater environmental awareness. We have taken a practical approach to help communities reduce their carbon emissions and impacts. Our initiatives work with people across society, at every point in their life.  EcoTeams is one of our most successful campaigns, and focuses on you and your friends, [...]

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